Gumball 3000

Gumball 3000

Customer: Gumball 3000

Contract: to supply customs clearance, air charter and load / handling services to move the participating cars from Nevada, USA to Hangzhou, China.

August 2008 saw the 10th anniversary of the Gumball 3000 rally – the annual event that’s a unique blend of the wealthy and celebrity drivers, a brightly adorned mix of the outright unusual to modern super cars and a challenging 3000 mile route. The 2008 rally was split into two, with some 120 entrants contesting the San Francisco to Las Vegas American section and 22 carrying on to Beijing to visit the Olympic Games.

Early problems led some to believe the China element of the event might be cancelled and, though the organisers initially contacted our preferred charter broker Aviation Consultants regarding aircraft supply, it soon emerged that a full logistics package was required - and fast!

A team of four were flown out from the UK, a suitable Boeing 747 chartered, the paperwork turned around and arrangements made to fly from Victorville airport: a former front line military base. Prior to shipment, the breath-taking selection of cars was jet-washed, loaded onto pallets and subjected to the appropriate ‘Dangerous Goods’ checks. The entrants were duly reunited with their cars in time to enjoy the most colourful Olympic Games to date. Mission accomplished!