RTL in Formula One

RTL in Formula One

Contract: To move 12,000 KGs of television equipment to each Formula One event

Services provided: air charter and express airfreight shipments, customs clearance and on site handling

In 2007, RTL were experiencing issues with their logistics requirements for the international rounds of the Formula One World Championship. Equipment was sent by four suppliers in the UK and Germany, and all sent independent of one another. Customs delays, damage to equipment and lack of coordination for delivery on site were common place. This was stressful and very time consuming for RTL, with crews on site unable to complete their jobs without all of the equipment being present and in working order. 

D.O.T looked at this project and completely changed the handling of this cargo.  All of the cargo was collected and returned to one central location.  D.O.T acquired five civil aviation approved airline containers, which are waterproof and because they are of an airline recognised standard the weight of these would not be charged in addition to the cargo.  The containers were loaded keeping all of cargo upright, and in order of equipment type; sound, MCR, Uplink, Edit etc.

On arrival all cargo was unloaded in the correct order and distributed to the correct place without confusion.  As a result of this RTL eventually went down the route of developing their own units to house all of their equipment and we continue to service their requirements through to the current Formula One season.