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Accelerating up the Grand Prix grid

23/05/2008 by D.O.T

D.O.T is increasingly involved in the heady world of Formula One, and has for some time had the responsibility of moving the broadcast equipment of leading TV companies to the fly-away F1 Grand Prix races. It has also handled the Paddock Club (corporate hospitality) logistics requirements for various teams and their sponsors at these events and, new for 2008, is providing the same service for BMW, Williams and Renault at the 10 European rounds too.

Such is the level of demand on D.O.T’s expertise for the current Formula One season, that it has not only increased the size of its dedicated team attending the long haul Grands Prix, but has established a fleet of four articulated trucks to carry all the hospitality equipment to the European events – the first of which was in Spain on April 27th.

Broadcasters RTL (Europe’s biggest TV, radio and production company), ITV, Fuji, MTI, Telecinqo and Sky Italia are relying on D.O.T to deliver their fragile cargo to the eight fly-away events on time and return them equally unscathed, while BMW, Williams and Renault are counting on it safely conveying all the items that comprise their vital corporate hospitality suites to all 18 rounds – everything from the flooring and furniture to the plasma TVs and Play Stations.

Failure is not an option Said D.O.T Managing Director Paul Fowler, “A ‘one-size fits all’ service is no good for the broadcasters we represent. They need bespoke attention, where the transportation is micro-managed at all stages. Our dedicated team understands the local requirements of each country involved and can ensure there are no hold-ups at the borders. This is absolutely paramount, as the equipment has to be in place once a broadcaster’s expensive satellite time commences. Missing that transmission window altogether is simply unthinkable – failure in our business is not an option!”

D.O.T’s job does not end on arrival at the circuits either, and it delivers and sets up the equipment precisely wherever it is required on site – be that in the main control room or a remote commentary position on the circuit. All the client has to do is turn up and assume command. The responsibility of managing the movement of the Paddock Club equipment is arguably just as great.

Formula One is big business and properly entertaining their corporate clients is almost as important for top teams such as BMW, Williams and Renault as their success on the track. D.O.T’s growth in Formula One is no accident. Like its appointment as official partner to the A1GP World Cup of Motorsport, it has been achieved by providing a first class service over a number of years, as it has in other areas of the motorsport world.