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Beirut bound

29/05/2012 by D.O.T

As part of the 2012 QNet show car programme the liveried Marussia F1 show car has now arrived in Beirut, Lebanon, to an immense response from QNet staff and members of the public alike.

The car and associated display equipment has already visited Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia, Abu Dhabi and Dubai in UAE and Riyadh in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. D.O.T has been responisble for the tour since leaving the UK in early March and will continue to manage the tour as it heads onwards to many other unusual destinations throughout the year.

What's unique about QNet is that they are into the emerging markets in the world which makes our job all the more challenging, which is of course just what we like!

Having carried out a recce in Beirut in mid April, we knew this city was something special. It is described as the Paris of the Middle East and certainly by the second visit we would have to agree!

Beirut and lebanon as a whole is the second biggest tourist destination in the Middle East after Dubai and UAE and judging by the prestige car dealers and cars on the streets of Beirut there is certainly money here!