D.O.T goes all electric with Formula E

08/05/2013 by D.O.T

D.O.T recently had the enviable task of shipping the prototype FIA Formula E car to Los Angeles for promotional and demonstration purposes.

The movement of cars around the world is an almost daily occurence for D.O.T, but this time things were a little different. The car and associated running equipment were sent directly to Los Angeles, however, as the car is powered by oversize lithium batteries, new governance controlling the shipment of these "dangerous goods" items had to be strictly adhered to. D.O.T obtained the special permissions required from the CAA in the UK and FAA in the USA as is the regulation. The batteries could then only make it as far as Chicago on the available flights, whereby a dedicated vehicle and two drivers were employed to make the rest of the journey all the way to Los Angeles, arriving in plenty of time for the launch event and demonstration runs of the car to take place on the streets of LA! An electrifying performance on our behalf it has to be said!

Once the car was in place, LA’s Mayor, Antonio Villaraigosa, officially welcomed the FIA Formula E Championship at a special event coinciding with Earth Day on Monday 22nd April. Los Angeles has been selected by the sport’s organizer, Formula E Holdings, in part due to its burgeoning electric car infrastructure and its overall support for reduced emissions.

Further information on the launch event in Los Angeles is available by clicking here.

Full information on the FIA Formula E world championship please visit the official site by clicking here