Rolls Royce Phantom

Hollywood history

27/06/2014 by D.O.T

If only cars could talk our job would be even more interesting than it already is. Take the magnificent 1928 Hibbard and Darrin bodied Rolls-Royce Phantom we recently shipped to Los Angeles for example, where it will be auctioned at Bonhams annual Pebble Beach sale. Heading home you could say, as it was originally the property of Jack Warner of Warner Bros studios fame, who would have transported many a celebrity in her.

The story goes that Marlene Dietrich was so excited by passengering in the Rolls, that Paramount presented her with an identical one when she first arrived in Hollywood.

Before leaving the UK, the Rolls made a quick visit to Goodwood, where it was filmed taking a leisurely run up the hillclimb course. It is far from the most valuable vehicle we have moved recently but certainly one of the most charismatic.

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