Another successful Canadian Grand Prix

28/06/2012 by D.O.T

The D.O.T team has recently returned from the Canadian Grand Prix, after yet another successful event for all concerned.

For the international events of the Formula One World Championship D.O.T normally sends a team of between three and five staff to handle the logistics requirements of our client base. We have a team of HGV drivers / coordinators who do a brilliant job of handling our client's European requirements, and when the teams pack their cars and race cargo, our guys pack their bags and head to foreign climes.

Montreal is a particular favourite for D.O.T with its European archictecture and attitude, and quirky parts to the city. Montreal truly embraces the race weekend as a city wide Festival of Speed takes grip for the race week, and when the work is done our staff get a little time to enjoy the sights and sounds of their surroundings.