Taj Mahal

One of the "Seven Wonders" - The Indian Grand Prix

29/10/2012 by D.O.T

The venue for the Indian Grand Prix, New Delhi, has to be one of those destinations that the Formula One circus travels to that is just that little bit out there. When you see trafffic coming to a standstill for a herd of cows taking some time out in the middle lane of the Yamuna Expressway, or a family of four on the back of a Honda Hero motorbike you will know exactly what we mean!

Being a back to back event with Abu Dhabi we had three people on the ground in New Delhi to implement a very quick pack up. All cargo was ready by 11.30pm on the Sunday evening, a lap record for both our clients and staff! We then had three staff in Abu Dhabi already setting up the vast amount of sea freight that was already on site. We had a total of six staff in Abu Dhabi by Tuesday 30th October to make sure our clients received all their freight in plenty of time.

Not wanting to detract from the work in hand, our team in New Delhi managed to squeeze in some culture and took an afternoon off to visit one of the seven wonders of the world, The Taj Mahal. The Buddh International Circuit may be a sight to behold but it pales into insignificance when compared to the Taj Mahal. Formula One is every bit as wonderous to the petrol heads of India, and from what we saw, the event was another resounding success.