Carnet countries

Carnet countries


For a full list of countries that accept the ATA Carnet system please see below:

Albania Malaysia
Algeria Martinique
Andorra Mauritius
Antarctica Melilla (Spain)
Aruba Mexico
Australia Miquilon (France)
Azores (Portugal) Moldova
Bahrain, Kingdom of Monaco (France)
Balearic Islands (see Spain) Mongolia
Belarus Montenegro
Bosnia and Herzegovina Morocco
Botswana Namibia (South Africa)
Brazil New Calidonia (France)
Canada New Zealand
Canary Islands Norway
Ceuta Pakistan
Chile Puerto Rico (USA)
China Reunion Island (France)
Corsica (France) Russia
Cote D'Ivoire Saipan
Curacao Senegal
European Union Serbia
Faroe Islands (Denmark) Singapore
French Guiana South Africa
French Polynesia - Tahiti South Korea
Gibraltar Sri Lanka
Greenland (Denmark) St Barthelemy (France)
Guadeloupe (France) St Martin (French Side)
Guam St Pierre (France)
Guernsey (United Kingdom) Swaziland (South Africa)
Hong Kong Switzerland
Iceland Tahiti (French Polynesia)
India Taiwan
Indonesia Tasmania (Australia)
Iran Thailand
Israel Tunisia
Japan Turkey
Lebanon Ukraine
Lesotho (Sacu) United Arab Emirates (UAE)
Liechtenstein (admin by Switzerland) United States
Macau, China Wallis & Fatuna


Carnet countries that have special requirements for the usage of ATA Canrets are detailed below:

China Trade fairs and exhibitons only
India                                                                                                                       Trade fairs and exhibitions only, a letter from event organiser is required. In house demonstrations also allowed with letter
United Arab Emirates Trade fairs and exhbitions only


For a full list of the countries curently within the European Union please click here. Please note that an ATA Carnet is not required if you are moving goods from one EU member state to another as all goods are considered to be in free circulation.